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3 Signs It’s Time To Call a Water Damage Restoration Company

3/2/2023 (Permalink)

Sewage water on the floor Sewage backup in Chandler, AZ.

Three Indices That a Water Damage Restoration Company Is Needed

Water damage can be wide-ranging and may not always appear to be disastrous to the untrained eye. However, bringing in a water damage restoration company to assess the situation is recommended more often than not. Here are a few instances where you should bring in professionals to your Chandler, AZ, property.

1. You Require a Pipe Burst Cleanup
A broken pipe can wreak havoc on any building it impacts. If your business suffers from a pipe burst either due to poor maintenance, extreme weather or another unseen issue, restoration professionals can not only get the space cleaned up efficiently but also consult on repairs needed and steps you can take to prevent it from happening again.

2. You Are Impacted by Sewage Backup
While a pipe burst cleanup often poses low risks, don't hesitate to call professionals if you are experiencing any sewage backup. This type of water damage is filled with harmful viruses, bacteria and toxins. Proper water extraction, disposal of impacted items and area sanitizing are required with the help of a sewer cleanup company to address all safety concerns. 

3. You Need Items Dried 
Don't believe that experiencing what appears to be sparse water damage such as a toilet or sink overflow is insignificant. In fact, these cases can be detrimental to flooring if proper drying does not take place. A water damage cleanup company can prevent the destruction and molding of impacted surfaces by using industry-standard equipment and monitoring the drying process. Even if items did not touch water, they can be impacted by changes in the space's humidity without the help of professionals to dry surfaces and contents. 
Always play it safe if your business is faced with a pipe burst cleanup, sewage backup or needs items dried after water damage. These are times when you should bring in a professional restoration company.  

3 Steps for Restoring Water-damaged Electronics

11/27/2022 (Permalink)

Water in the keyboard of a computer Do not assume that your wet electronics are useless.

Water-Damaged Electronics

When water damage impacts a business, building repairs are necessary to return to the space. However, flooded electronics are just as important to take care of and restore. Here are helpful tips if water has damaged the valuable gadgets and electronics in your Chandler, AZ, business.

1. Disconnect Any Flooded Electronics From Their Power Source
This is a key first step to saving your devices, whether they be handheld objects or larger items connected to a plug. For your own safety, do not attempt to grab any submerged electronics if you are subjected to shock hazards like standing in free water or in wet clothes.
Turn off a circuit breaker that powers impacted devices connected to plugs for optimal safety. For battery-powered electronics, turn off the device but be wary of any heat, smoke, or melting which would indicate a shorted battery. Drain the device of excess water and if possible, remove the battery.

2. Clean off Circuit Boards
Once devices have been disconnected from power and disassembled as necessary, it is critical to clean their circuit boards. This will require a small bowl of isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab or small brush. Dip the brush into the alcohol, move along the crevices of the board to remove any dirt buildup, then let dry completely. A water damage restoration company can assist with the proper drying of contents within your property.

3. Evaluate for Further Electronic Damage
After cleaning the circuit boards, you will want to place a working battery into the flooded electronics and test if they are usable or require more repair. Be sure any connected cables or cords are not damaged as well. Evaluate potential parts that may need replacing, such as the LCD screen or logic board.
Don't think your water-logged electronics are destroyed. Restore them by safely disconnecting their power, cleaning their circuit board and testing them out with a new battery.

Why To Pretest Damaged Structures

11/2/2022 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall due to humidity Water damage can lead to secondary damage if not attended quickly.

Why Restoration Experts Conduct a Pretest

When a building has suffered damage, pretesting may seem like a waste of time. Thoroughly inspecting and testing the condition of the structure prior to mitigation and restoration can ensure that these processes address the underlying causes and actual conditions of damage. Find out why restoration experts should conduct a pretest in the event of a fire, water, or other damage to a commercial building in Chandler, AZ.

Inspection Can Identify Underlying Problems
When preparing to make a commercial property insurance claim, the owner of a building should have the most accurate and complete picture of the status of the structure. A pretest performed by restoration professionals can reveal the following factors that could affect the duration and expense of damage restoration:

  • Causes of primary damage
  • Presence of secondary damage
  • Other relevant factors

In some cases, insurance companies only cover primary damage and exclude secondary damage from coverage. Knowing what damage is covered ahead of time and the probable duration of a business interruption can help property owners make informed decisions about financing the cost of damage cleanup and restoration.

Pretesting Reveals the Extent of Damage
A cursory inspection of a commercial structure may not indicate more severe damage. For example, water damage might be readily evident without a pretest, but secondary mold damage could go undetected until the problem gets worse.

Findings Guide Restoration Procedures
Pretest findings remain valid until restoration is well underway. These findings also demonstrate the necessity of restoration for an insurance agent.
Pretesting can take a little time at the beginning of damage assessment, but this measure can end up identifying significant issues that could require a great deal more time and money to fix later. These are just a few reasons to pursue a pretest after any type of damage affects the commercial property in Chandler, AZ.

What Steps to Take After a Commercial Fire

10/6/2022 (Permalink)

Flames If your Chandler, AZ commercial business has been affected by fire take the necessary steps to recover from this incident.

What Steps to Take After a Commercial Fire

When a fire breaks out on your commercial property, you may feel shocked and paralyzed. You may not know which steps to take first or even how to handle the situation. But, it's important to keep your wits about you in order to minimize the damage as much as possible and get your business back up and running as soon as possible. The following steps will help guide you through what needs to be done after a fire breaks out at your place of business.

Call the fire department.

Once you've made the decision to evacuate, the first thing you should do is call 911. Do not attempt to put out the fire yourself; this is what firefighters are trained for, and they will arrive quickly to help. As well, don't try to move any items from your property that may have been damaged in the flames—if you need something from inside your building and it's possible it could be damaged by smoke or heat exposure, wait until after firefighters have given the all-clear for reentry before entering.

Take stock of the damage.

Check for structural damage, including cracks in walls and ceilings, and damaged load-bearing walls. If necessary, hire an engineer to assess the integrity of your building structure before reoccupying it.

Inspect for fire damage, including soot on walls and smoke deposits that can indicate hidden flames or residual heat sources inside walls. This can be done by taking photographs of all surfaces or using a thermal imaging device to look at spots that may appear normal but actually have hidden problems below them (such as areas near electrical outlets).

Look for water damage from sprinklers or fire hoses and check entrances/exits to see if they are blocked by fallen debris (this could lead to evacuation issues).

Call your insurance company.

Once you've gotten your mind around the situation, it's time to call your insurance company. They'll want to know what happened and how much damage was done, so be prepared to give them all of the facts. Tell them about the fire itself: where it started, what time it started (if you know), whether or not there were any injuries involved, etc. Also, tell them about the extent of damage caused by this incident—how many square feet were affected, and which parts of your property were damaged?

When working with a fire damage restoration company such as SERVPRO of North Chandler, they will take care of this entire claims process for you.

Hire a fire damage restoration company.

A professional fire damage restoration contractor is essential for restoring your business after a devastating fire. The right contractor will bring the experience and know-how to make sure that your commercial property is brought back to life following a fire.

If you have ever been in this situation before, you know that having someone who knows what they're doing can save you time and money—not to mention help prevent further damage from occurring while working on your property.

Create a temporary space for your employees to work in while your business is being restored.

If you’re planning on reopening your business, you should have a plan in place for where you will work while the property is being restored. Your temporary workspace should be somewhere safe and accessible. It should also be comfortable enough that your employees are happy to work there. You may even want to consider renting office space or another location that has the equipment and resources necessary for running your business.

If your business in Chandler, AZ, has been affected by a fire, it can be a very stressful time for both you and your employees. It is important that you take the necessary steps to recover from this incident and get back up on your feet as soon as possible so that you can continue operating without interruption. We hope these tips help guide you through this difficult process!

Dealing With the Aftermath of a Pipe Break in 4 Steps

9/12/2022 (Permalink)

Water gauge pressure, hand shut off main valve, close-up. To avoid the most water damage, it is vital to shut off the water supply to the affected site.

Water Mitigation Services

Commercial properties are more prone to water damage than residential properties. The sheer number of people entering and exiting the premises on a daily basis opens businesses up to potential bursting pipes. If you are faced with a broken pipe and leak, there are four steps water mitigation services in Chandler, AZ, recommend you take.

1. Turn Off the Water 
To avoid the most water damage, it is vital to shut off the water supply to the affected site. If you do not know where the plumbing leak originated, it is best to shut off the water supply to the entire building. However, be careful when walking through flooded spaces. Water can lead to electrocution hazards. It is best to stay away from flooded areas to ensure safety.

2. Evacuate Water
Bursting pipes can lead to significant flooding if the water supply is not shut off fast enough. Before mitigation services can repair any damage, they must evacuate any excess water. The evacuation of the water might take some time, but professional services will use various pumps to speed up the process.

3. Fix Broken Pipe
Once the water is out of the building, the service you hire can find and repair the broken pipe or pipes. Depending on the level of damage, the service might already need to remove drywall and insulation in the affected areas of the building. Once the pipe or pipes are repaired, the service can restore water to the facility.

4. Repair Property
Once the leak is repaired, the mitigation service can begin making repairs to the facility. The company will replace insulation, drywall, and any other materials damaged by the flooding.
Commercial properties may be at a greater risk of bursting pipes. Still, knowing the risks, business owners can make mitigation and prevention plans.

What Is Category 2 Water Damage and How Do You Treat It?

7/29/2022 (Permalink)

Overflowing broken toilet An overflowing toilet can cause Category 2 water damage

Water damage is not always the same, whether it be caused by storm flooding or a faulty water pipe repair. It is comprised of three categories classified by contamination level: clean water (Category 1), gray water (Category 2) and black water (Category 3). This guide offers information about gray water in the event it impacts your Chandler, AZ, business.

What Is Category 2 Damage?

Gray water features a heavy amount of contaminants in it, making it more harmful than clean water, but not as unsanitary as black water. Properties found within gray water may include any of the following:

  • Chemicals, such as detergents
  • Biological contaminants, such as urine
  • Microorganisms that could be harmful

What Causes Category 2 Damage?
A number of issues can cause Category 2 water damage. In a commercial space, this may include sump pump failure, a broken pipe, an overflowing toilet without feces, or even clean water that has either seeped through building materials or sat long enough to support the growth of microorganisms. A water pipe repair, sump pump replacement or structural restoration could be necessary depending on the cause and total damage.

How Do You Treat a Space Flooded With Category 2 Water?
Immediately call a water damage mitigation company. Only these professionals are suited to safely extract the contaminated water, sanitize the space and repair any damage. Acting quickly prevents the water from escalating to Category 3 damage, which can occur within 24 to 48 hours. 

How Do You Prevent Water Damage?
Be sure to do routine plumbing maintenance to detect when your space needs a water pipe repair or sump pump replaced before there is significant water damage. Staying on top of this maintenance is the best way to limit water issues within your business.
Gray water is cause for concern and requires swift attention if it impacts your business along with cautionary measures to prevent it from occurring.  

How To Prepare Your Business for a Fire

5/25/2022 (Permalink)

Three Red tank of fire extinguisher Make sure you have enough fire extinguishers.

How to Prepare for a Fire in Your Business

All businesses should have fire insurance. However, just purchasing insurance isn't enough to fully protect yourself from a business fire. These steps can help ensure that you are prepared.

1. Make a Fire Plan
The first step in the fire preparation process is to create a fire plan. Getting everyone out of your building safely is the priority of a fire plan. Drill all of your employees on fire safety procedures and make sure everyone knows how to safely get out of the building. Post signs in prominent areas advising any customers or other guests in your building what to do if a fire happens. If you need some help identifying the best escape routes, talk to the fire marshall in Chandler, AZ, or your building's property manager.

2. Train Your Employees on What To Do During a Business Fire
Start by telling your employees to stay calm and call 911. Conduct a minimum of one fire drill per year and regularly test your fire alarms, sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers. Offer a first aid class for employees and teach all employees where fire extinguishers are and how and when to use them. Make sure your employees understand that different types of fires, such as electrical or grease fires, require different approaches.

3. Make Sure You Have the Proper Equipment
Make sure you know the fire code in your area and that you have enough fire extinguishers, fire alarms and sprinklers for your building. This equipment can often douse small fires before they spread and cause extensive fire damage. Keep a fully stocked first aid kit in an easily accessible location. Make a list of emergency contact numbers, such as the fire department, police, your insurance company, the hospital and fire restoration services.
Proper preparation can help your business be prepared if a business fire happens. The better prepared you are, the less damage you are likely to have.