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3 Signs It’s Time To Call a Water Damage Restoration Company

3/2/2023 (Permalink)

Sewage water on the floor Sewage backup in Chandler, AZ.

Three Indices That a Water Damage Restoration Company Is Needed

Water damage can be wide-ranging and may not always appear to be disastrous to the untrained eye. However, bringing in a water damage restoration company to assess the situation is recommended more often than not. Here are a few instances where you should bring in professionals to your Chandler, AZ, property.

1. You Require a Pipe Burst Cleanup
A broken pipe can wreak havoc on any building it impacts. If your business suffers from a pipe burst either due to poor maintenance, extreme weather or another unseen issue, restoration professionals can not only get the space cleaned up efficiently but also consult on repairs needed and steps you can take to prevent it from happening again.

2. You Are Impacted by Sewage Backup
While a pipe burst cleanup often poses low risks, don't hesitate to call professionals if you are experiencing any sewage backup. This type of water damage is filled with harmful viruses, bacteria and toxins. Proper water extraction, disposal of impacted items and area sanitizing are required with the help of a sewer cleanup company to address all safety concerns. 

3. You Need Items Dried 
Don't believe that experiencing what appears to be sparse water damage such as a toilet or sink overflow is insignificant. In fact, these cases can be detrimental to flooring if proper drying does not take place. A water damage cleanup company can prevent the destruction and molding of impacted surfaces by using industry-standard equipment and monitoring the drying process. Even if items did not touch water, they can be impacted by changes in the space's humidity without the help of professionals to dry surfaces and contents. 
Always play it safe if your business is faced with a pipe burst cleanup, sewage backup or needs items dried after water damage. These are times when you should bring in a professional restoration company.  

4 Key Ways SERVPRO Professionals Help With Insurance Claims

2/1/2023 (Permalink)

Tablet and cel phone. SERVPRO offers electronic claim services.

Four Key Ways SERVPRO Professionals Help With Insurance Claims

When it comes time to file a commercial building insurance claim due to fire, flood or any other damage, the process can become overly complicated quickly. However, SERVPRO's expansive team of building restoration experts can help keep things simple. Here are four ways that SERVPRO professionals help with insurance claims in Chandler, AZ.

1. They Provide Quick, Emergency Response
In the event of a destructive fire, water emergency, or another major event that causes damage to a commercial building, a team of cleaning and restoration experts will promptly assist. These trusted professionals undergo thorough training and are recognized by the third-party agency IICRC, which offers certification in areas spanning the cleaning and restoration industry. With their knowledge and quick response to claims, these crews waste no time repairing buildings back to normal.

2. They Provide Pretesting To Reduce Costs
Pretesting is an efficient way to determine if a property can be restored or if it needs to be replaced. The former is much more cost-effective, so this step can help keep the overall expense of the claim significantly lower.

3. They Offer Electronic Claim Services
Insurance holders can easily access everything they need regarding their damage claim with SERVPRO's electronic filing system. Information uploaded to this online file will always be accurate and recorded promptly so customers can be kept in the loop on their claim and restoration process.

4. They Create a Claim Inventory System
One of the most helpful claim services provided by restoration professionals is a claim inventory system. This itemized list accounts for all the loss within the property and includes pictures of damaged valuable items for insurers to access.
When it comes to insurance claim services, SERVPRO's team of experts aid both customers and insurance agents with their fast, priority response, pretesting of properties, electronic file services and inventory system.

What To Know About Home Fire Alarms

1/1/2023 (Permalink)

Photoelectric smoke detector Do you know where each fire alarm is in your home?

Do you know where each fire alarm is in your Chandler, AZ, home? Do you remember the last time you changed the batteries? If you just thought to yourself, “I have no idea,” you came to the right place. Below you will learn why detectors are so important, how many you need, and what proper maintenance looks like.

What Is the Importance of a Fire Alarm?

Fires can move slowly through a home or engulf stories within minutes, causing widespread fire damage and smoke damage. Early detection from smoke alarms and quick reaction can save precious time responding to and escaping a fire.

How Many Alarms Do You Need?
The number of necessary alarms varies due to house size and layout. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, alarms should be placed as follows:

  • Install them on every level of the home.
  • Place them inside each bedroom.
  • Position them outside sleeping areas.

Since roughly half of home fires occur at night, alarms around sleeping areas are essential to alert you before fire and smoke reach you. Install them high up on walls or ceilings, away from fans or vents. 

What Kinds of Alarms Are There?
There are two types of smoke alarms you can purchase for your home: ionization and photoelectric. They detect different kinds of fire, so the recommendation is to install a combination of the two or dual sensor alarms. Furthermore, installing interconnected alarms allows quicker reaction time because one alarm sounding off sets off all the others to alert you to danger.

How Often Should You Replace Them?
Each fire alarm needs replacing every ten years, and batteries need to be changed yearly. They are not helpful if they do not function properly, so test each alarm monthly. Many fire departments will install smoke detectors for free, so contact your local fire department about possible assistance and questions. 
Early fire detection is imperative to the safety and survival of your family. Properly installing and maintaining smoke detectors will ensure your home’s protection. 

What to Know About Storm Shutters

12/28/2022 (Permalink)

Storm shutter in a window home Storm shutters come in a variety of styles, types and materials.

If your home in Chandler, AZ, experiences high winds on a regular basis then you may want to consider shutters for your home. Not only can these protect against wind and rain, but they may also help prevent storm damage to your windows. Here are a few things you may want to know.

There Are Several Types

Storm shutters come in a variety of styles, types and materials. Styles can include the following.

  • Colonial
  • Storm panel
  • Roll down
  • Accordion
  • Bahama

The materials they are comprised of may include

  • Polycarbonate
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Wood

They Can Function in Several Ways

Depending on the nature of the high winds in your area you may want to consider several different shutter styles. Accordion shutters unfold to cover the windows, while roll-down storm shutters pull down from above or up from below. Colonial and Bahama Styles unlocked from their position either to the side of the window or above it. They can then be bolted in place in the event of a storm.

They Can Help Prevent Storm Damage

Many storm damage restoration companies recommend protecting your windows in the event you know a storm is coming. Doing so can help stop debris from causing damage to the window, which can then lead to leaks and further water damage in your home. Shutter installation is one possible way to protect your windows.

If you're looking at shutters to protect your home from high winds then you may want to consider the shutter style and material you like best for your needs. Keep in mind that storm shutters can function in several ways from the ability to roll them down over your windows to unhinging them and bolting them in place in the event of a storm. They can also help protect your windows from getting hit by flying debris in the event of a severe storm. If you have any questions a professional may be able to help.

3 Ways an Electronic Claims Service Benefits You

12/16/2022 (Permalink)

Tablet and cell phone. Having access to your claim information is a great convenience.

Three Ways an Electronic Claims Service Benefits You

After you've experienced a fire, flood, storm, or another disaster in Chandler, AZ, you want to get your insurance claim started right away. An electronic claims service like the one SERVPRO offers can help you and the insurance company with your claim. Here are three ways it can benefit you.

1. Convenience
While working with a professional restoration company to repair the damage your property sustained, you may be displaced. You may need to temporarily move out of your house or place of business while the mitigation is performed. Having access to your claim information is a great convenience. You can check on the status of your claim and make updates remotely.
It also allows your insurance agent, restoration professionals and other involved parties to check the status of your claim. They can access the details from a laptop, desktop or mobile device, allowing everyone to work on the go.

2. Central Location
Having your claim data in one place keeps everyone on the same page. A central location for your claim information means fewer opportunities for errors. When one of the parties makes an update or change, everyone can see it. Lost or misplaced paper files won't be an issue with an electronic claims service.

3. Insurance Claim Efficiency
You won't be left waiting for someone to receive estimates, photos or signed documents in the mail when you use an electronic claims service. Once information is added to the system, it becomes available to everyone right away. You benefit from the efficient process when the involved parties have a reduced waiting time.
When you are waiting to get back to work or have repairs made to your Chandler, AZ, property, anything you can do to make things go quicker can help. Consider using a company that offers an electronic claims service so that your insurance claim process is smooth and efficient.

3 Tips for Sump Pump Maintenance

12/2/2022 (Permalink)

A sump pump installed in a basement of a home with a water powered backup system. Keeping your pump clear of debris can also help prevent clogs that may damage the unit.

Sump Pump Maintenance

If you have a sump pump in your Chandler, AZ, home, then you may already know the dangers flooding can present to your property. Fortunately, performing regular maintenance on your pump can help it stay in working order, which in turn can help prevent water damage.

1. Always Follow the Manufacturer's Recommended Use Instructions

Many water damage restoration companies recommend the pumps as a flood prevention method. When performing pump maintenance, it's important to always follow your manufacturer's recommended instructions. This includes making sure the cord is in good repair, and that the unit is plugged into a ground fault circuit interrupter. This can help ensure your pump correctly performs the intended job for its lifespan.

2. Regularly Check For, and Clean Out Any Debris

Another important step for maintaining your sump pump is to ensure the pump, the vent, the discharge pipe, and its intake screen remain clear of debris. Common clogs can be comprised of dirt, gravel, leaves, sticks, and other materials that may have gotten into the water. A clogged unit often has to work harder to do its job and is at greater risk of malfunction.

3. Perform Routine Maintenance on Your Pump

Regularly looking over your pump for any maintenance needs can help you prevent larger problems such as clogs and unit malfunction. Take the time to inspect the cord, and clear away any debris that could be a problem. If you find your pump is malfunctioning it's best to call a professional to service the unit.

Remember, maintaining your sump pump can help prevent costly water damage to your home. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to use, plug in and clean your pump. Keeping your pump clear of debris can also help prevent clogs that may damage the unit. It's important to check for these things on a regular basis. If you have any questions, a professional might be able to help.

3 Steps for Restoring Water-damaged Electronics

11/27/2022 (Permalink)

Water in the keyboard of a computer Do not assume that your wet electronics are useless.

Water-Damaged Electronics

When water damage impacts a business, building repairs are necessary to return to the space. However, flooded electronics are just as important to take care of and restore. Here are helpful tips if water has damaged the valuable gadgets and electronics in your Chandler, AZ, business.

1. Disconnect Any Flooded Electronics From Their Power Source
This is a key first step to saving your devices, whether they be handheld objects or larger items connected to a plug. For your own safety, do not attempt to grab any submerged electronics if you are subjected to shock hazards like standing in free water or in wet clothes.
Turn off a circuit breaker that powers impacted devices connected to plugs for optimal safety. For battery-powered electronics, turn off the device but be wary of any heat, smoke, or melting which would indicate a shorted battery. Drain the device of excess water and if possible, remove the battery.

2. Clean off Circuit Boards
Once devices have been disconnected from power and disassembled as necessary, it is critical to clean their circuit boards. This will require a small bowl of isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab or small brush. Dip the brush into the alcohol, move along the crevices of the board to remove any dirt buildup, then let dry completely. A water damage restoration company can assist with the proper drying of contents within your property.

3. Evaluate for Further Electronic Damage
After cleaning the circuit boards, you will want to place a working battery into the flooded electronics and test if they are usable or require more repair. Be sure any connected cables or cords are not damaged as well. Evaluate potential parts that may need replacing, such as the LCD screen or logic board.
Don't think your water-logged electronics are destroyed. Restore them by safely disconnecting their power, cleaning their circuit board and testing them out with a new battery.

Knowing How Your Renters Insurance Policy Covers You

11/18/2022 (Permalink)

Renters insurance form and dollars on the table. Tenants should have a renters policy to protect their items and liability for starting a fire.

Per a lease agreement, your landlord or property owner provides a place for you to live based on you making regular payments to cover your monthly rent. Typically, property owners carry homeowner’s insurance to cover damages from certain perils, such as fire, theft, and natural disasters. If you experience a fire at your apartment or rental home in Chandler, AZ, the landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover your belongings, which is why you need renters insurance. 

Understanding Your Renter's Insurance Policy

Here’s what you can expect your renter's coverage to include:

Personal belongings: You’re covered for items that are lost due to a fire, but pay close attention to the language used. Your plan should offer the replacement value for your belongings, as opposed to the actual cash value. If you had to replace an old television, the actual cash value would be significantly less than the cost to replace it.
Liability: If you started the fire, generally your plan covers any fire damage to third parties, including personal injury or destruction of property.
Medical bills: Your policy should include some coverage for injuries to others due to fire.
Loss of use: Your unit may not be inhabitable after a fire. “Loss of use” coverage can help pay for temporary relocation and other expenses.

The property owner’s policy generally only covers damage to the building. You should also confirm that your renter's policy covers fire-related losses such as smoke or soot damage.

Knowing When You’re Not Covered
Renter's insurance generally applies to accidental fires. If you started a fire on purpose, you won’t be covered. Be aware that if a fire you started accidentally destroys the building structure, your landlord’s insurer may come after you for losses. In that case, your renter's policy could help cover those costs. Fire restoration by a professional remediation company may be covered by a landlord. 
Tenants should have a renters policy to protect their items and liability for starting a fire. It’s important to know what is and isn’t covered before you find yourself in an emergency situation. This is part of being a responsible tenant.

Why To Pretest Damaged Structures

11/2/2022 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall due to humidity Water damage can lead to secondary damage if not attended quickly.

Why Restoration Experts Conduct a Pretest

When a building has suffered damage, pretesting may seem like a waste of time. Thoroughly inspecting and testing the condition of the structure prior to mitigation and restoration can ensure that these processes address the underlying causes and actual conditions of damage. Find out why restoration experts should conduct a pretest in the event of a fire, water, or other damage to a commercial building in Chandler, AZ.

Inspection Can Identify Underlying Problems
When preparing to make a commercial property insurance claim, the owner of a building should have the most accurate and complete picture of the status of the structure. A pretest performed by restoration professionals can reveal the following factors that could affect the duration and expense of damage restoration:

  • Causes of primary damage
  • Presence of secondary damage
  • Other relevant factors

In some cases, insurance companies only cover primary damage and exclude secondary damage from coverage. Knowing what damage is covered ahead of time and the probable duration of a business interruption can help property owners make informed decisions about financing the cost of damage cleanup and restoration.

Pretesting Reveals the Extent of Damage
A cursory inspection of a commercial structure may not indicate more severe damage. For example, water damage might be readily evident without a pretest, but secondary mold damage could go undetected until the problem gets worse.

Findings Guide Restoration Procedures
Pretest findings remain valid until restoration is well underway. These findings also demonstrate the necessity of restoration for an insurance agent.
Pretesting can take a little time at the beginning of damage assessment, but this measure can end up identifying significant issues that could require a great deal more time and money to fix later. These are just a few reasons to pursue a pretest after any type of damage affects the commercial property in Chandler, AZ.

How Do Restoration Professionals Become Qualified?

10/30/2022 (Permalink)

People receiving training. Logo IICRC Our technicians undergo extensive water restoration training and certification through an IICRC-approved school

How Do Restoration Professionals Become Qualified?

When your property is struck by a fire, flood or health hazard like mold, you want the most trusted experts to lead the cleanup and repairs. But how can you tell which crews are the most qualified? Here is a breakdown of key qualifications your local commercial building restoration professionals should have and how those standards are achieved. 

Completion of IICRC Training
The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification is one of the world's most reputable organizations for the restoration industry. The firm provides in-depth training for those working across the industry and awards certification in a number of specialized areas. Their dozens of certifications include: 

  • Commercial Drying Specialist
  • Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration
  • Technician
  • Odor Control Technician
  • Health and Safety Technician
  • Water Damage Restoration Technician

If you are in need of a damage restoration expert in Chandler, AZ, make sure that they are IICRC certified.

Local and National Company Training 
On top of receiving a mitigation certificate from the third-party Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, trust that your restoration crews have also undergone their own local and national training. To become an industry leader, it's paramount to provide support to crews working in different community franchises as well as at the national level. This will typically include informative courses followed by an exam.

Course Opportunities for Various Professionals
The restoration industry is not just limited to those who clean and repair properties. In fact, insurance adjusters, real estate professionals and cleaning crews alike often come together to provide customer satisfaction. These professionals are best qualified when they have a holistic understanding of everything emergency mitigation entails, therefore they may be offered an opportunity to expand their knowledge with related courses. 
The effort that goes into becoming a fully-qualified restoration expert is immense. Trained professionals should receive IICRC certification, undergo local and national corporate training as well as continue industry education with additional course opportunities available to them.