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4 Steps To Fix a Leaky Faucet

10/2/2022 (Permalink)

Leaky faucet One job that is easy for people to perform is replacing a leaking faucet.

Fixing a Leaky Faucet: 4 Steps

While there are some home repair projects that Chandler, AZ, homeowners should leave to professionals, there are many projects that homeowners can do on their own. One job that is easy for people to perform is replacing a leaking faucet. Here are some steps to help you successfully accomplish this project.

1. Shut Off Water
The first step is to shut off the water. Look underneath the sink to locate the pipe that has a football-shaped valve on it. You can turn the water off by turning the valve clockwise until it won’t turn anymore. Once you’ve turned off the water, turn the handles and allow any remaining water to drip out before starting the repair.

2. Prepare for Repair
Before you start taking the leaking faucet apart, place a plug into the sink hole or put a rag over the top. This will prevent loose parts from going down the drain. Tape the jaws of your wrench with some duct tape to prevent scratches to the fixture. Finally, have a soft scrubbing pad and some distilled white vinegar nearby to clean off mineral deposits on the dripping faucet parts.

3. Determine the Type of Faucet
There are four types of faucets including compression, cartridge, ceramic disk and ball. The compression faucet is easiest to identify because it has separate handles for hot and cold water. The other three types of faucets can be identified as you begin taking the faucet apart: you will either see a cartridge, ceramic disk or ball bearing.

4. Perform Repair
Each type of faucet requires a few detailed steps. Fortunately, you can search the internet for detailed instructions and videos to help you perform the repair. As you’re taking apart the leaking faucet, place each part down on a designated spot in order of removal. This will help you replace each part correctly.
A fixed leak is a satisfying home repair project. If you have any issues with flooding, water damage repair specialists can help clean up your home.

3 Steps To Take When Your Basement Floods

9/2/2022 (Permalink)

Water seeping under door going into basement area If you have flooding in your basement, you need to act quickly.

Three Steps To Take When You Have a Wet Basement

If you have flooding in your basement, you need to act quickly so your insurance coverage will pay for the damage. Here are the three steps you need to take when you find a wet basement.

1. Ensure You Can Safely Enter the Basement
Anytime you notice a basement flood, you need to think about how high the water level is and if it could have an electrical current. Therefore, before entering any standing water, turn off your electrical breaker. If you don't do this, you could be electrocuted. If you cannot turn off the breaker due to the water, you must immediately call a water mitigation company. Aside from this, be on the lookout for harmful contaminants, such as sewage. Consider that a building has been structurally damaged due to the water and needs to be evacuated immediately.

2. Find the Water Source
When your basement flood is safe to enter, you must locate the source of water. This is the most challenging step. Be sure to check all potential sources and turn off your water supply if it is an internal factor. Some of the most common sources you should look for include natural disasters, sewer backups, sump pump problems, grading issues, foundation cracks, worn sealing, structural damage, and plumbing leaks.

3. Make the Necessary Calls
After identifying the water source for your basement flood, call a cleanup crew. There are many different companies in Chandler, AZ, to choose from. Go with the one that can provide you immediate, quality assistance. The next call you make should be to your insurance agent to determine if your policy will cover the damage. If the water source is a city sewer line, call your local municipality to report the incident.
A flooded basement needs to be dealt with quickly so you can keep your house safe. These steps help you handle the situation appropriately, ensure your safety, and minimize your home's damage.

Signs You Need a Pipe Burst Cleanup

8/2/2022 (Permalink)

White pipe leaking A leak from a pipe can cause major damage to your building.

Leaking pipes and water damage can strike a business facility despite regular maintenance. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to resolve pipe issues before they get worse, including hiring a licensed pipe burst cleanup company. Protect your Chandler, AZ, business by following these tips on broken pipes.

Look for Signs of Broken Pipes

Depending on the severity, pipe issues may present in various ways. Here are some indications of busted pipes:

  • Mold
  • Water stains
  • Malodorous water
  • Clogged drains or toilets
  • Water noises or clanking issuing within walls
  • Unusual water pressure variations

Stop Supply Line Leaking
Call emergency assistance to stop leaking water lines or other pipe problems. Leave the building if it seems unsafe. If it's not hazardous to remain on-site, you can do the following while you wait for help to arrive:

  • Shut off water to the facility
  • Cut off power to any flooded areas
  • Open windows

Keep yourself and your colleagues safe during pipe burst cleanup. Do not approach electrical panels or equipment exposed to water. Avoid areas contaminated with sewage. Never attempt to dry things using ceiling fans. If water damage is present in the ceiling around the fans, it may cause further damage.

Begin Water Cleanup
Contact water mitigation experts if you need restoration work following a water leak. Their technicians are specially trained to identify hazards and water damage. They use tools such as pumps and dehumidifiers to remove water, dry out structures and prevent mold. After drying out your building, water remediation experts can perform repair work ranging from painting to complete reconstruction of rooms or building sections. Some mitigation companies also offer insurance claim services.
You can help prevent secondary water damage to your business by initiating pipe burst cleanup right away. Follow these tips to help you recognize indications of burst pipes and what to do about it.

Protecting Your Business From Secondary Flood Damage

7/2/2022 (Permalink)

Wet carpet floor Primary damage is a wet carpet.

Prevent Secondary Flood Damage

As a business owner in Chandler, AZ, understanding the different levels of flood damage will help you take the proper steps to restore your workspace after an emergency. Prevent secondary flood damage like black mold from ruining your building by acting quickly and thoroughly cleaning the affected space.

Leading Causes of Damage
The initial rush of water into a building does not cause secondary flood damage. Secondary damage comes from indirect exposure to water or contamination carried in the water. Primary damage is a wet carpet. Secondary flood damage is mold growing in the damp carpet.
Some of the leading causes of secondary flood damage are:

  • Water sitting for a prolonged time because of inaction
  • Improper drying or cleaning
  • Missed flooded areas during the initial water damage assessment

Reversible and Irreversible Damage
The aftereffects of a flood can sometimes be reversed. For instance, swollen wooden floors can be returned to their original condition if restoration experts extract the moisture from the warped material.
However, some secondary flood damage is permanent. Wood rot deteriorates your building’s structure, comprising its integrity. The wood must be replaced, as it cannot be restored.

Humidity and Black Mold
Secondary flood damage is often the result of high levels of humidity in the air. As the standing water evaporates, moisture soaks into any porous materials. The high humidity will slow down your building’s drying process and start mold growth.
Black mold will develop within one or two days of water exposure. The fungus will continue to spread until the source of humidity has been eliminated. Professionals will use commercial-grade equipment to dry out your building.
If your business has been affected by a flood, work with a professional water restoration company to extensively clean and dehumidify your building, preventing even more damage. Act promptly to return your company’s space to working condition.

Troubleshoot Your Commercial Irrigation System

6/8/2022 (Permalink)

Irrigation System When you notice any issue with your irrigation system in your Chandler, AZ home or commercial property, it will save you money to address it promptly.

Troubleshoot Your Irrigation System for Commercial Use

What do you do when your irrigation system in Chandler, AZ, fails? How do you find the source of the problem in time to rescue your costly landscaping and prevent potential flooding in your building? Flood restoration experts agree that a quick response is the best course of action.

Indication of Irrigation Problems
You need to pay attention to your landscape and fixtures and pick up on the clues. Some are more obvious than others, but any of these could tip you off that your system needs attention:

  • Stressed plant material
  • Unusually high water bill
  • Visibly damaged equipment
  • Uneven pattern of irrigation
  • Pooling water

If you notice that your grass is dead or your other landscape plants are covered in curled leaves or appear wilted, gray, or brown, your irrigation system is underwatering. Conversely, if you notice mushrooms or a musty odor or you see any spongy ground or pooled water, you have an overwatering issue. 

Diagnosis of Watering Issues
Too much or not enough water getting to your plants may be due to a faulty or improperly set controller. Confirm that your settings are correct. Check water pressure if your plants are dry. Pooled water or a high water bill can be due to a leak; check for loose fittings or damaged heads, cracked lines, and worn washers or seals.

A system that isn't watering evenly usually indicates that the heads aren't properly functioning. Check to see if they are clogged with dirt or debris; if they are, gently clean them.

If the heads appear stuck - if they won't pop up or don't cover the area - check for blockages in the heads, the nozzles, and intake screens.

When you notice any issue with your irrigation system, it will save you money to address it promptly. Water damage from flooding can be insidious and very costly. Flood water can seep into your building's basement from faulty irrigation fixtures. Diagnose and remedy water issues quickly to prevent unnecessary damage and keep your property running smoothly.

How To Handle a Leaky Kitchen Sink in 3 Steps

5/20/2022 (Permalink)

Leaking kitchen sink a person with a towel trying to stop leaking from pipe It is important to take any kitchen sink leak seriously.

What to Do If Your Kitchen Sink Is Leaking

It is important to take any kitchen sink leak seriously. If left unattended, it can escalate into flooding and destroy your kitchen and spread throughout your home. Reduce the water's impact on your property by following these steps once you find the leak.

1. Control the Water in Home
You will need to find the exact source of the leak and fix it to prevent further water damage. A leak can occur due to a broken or malfunctioning component. Once you find it, you can try to resolve the issue yourself. If you are not able to do so, you can contact a professional plumber to observe the problem and come up with a solution. Stop the water flow by turning the sink's shutoff valves. If this does not work, shut off the house's main water supply until the problem is resolved.

2. Talk to the Insurance Agency
Now that you have stopped the potential flooding of your home, you should talk to your insurance company as soon as possible. The process of repairing and replacing as needed can become expensive, so you will need to file a claim to get financial assistance. Take photos of the damage and record detailed notes to back up your case. Your insurance agency can also help you get in touch with necessary providers.

3. Contact Restoration Services
The final step in handling a leak under the sink involves calling the right people for kitchen repair. In this case, you will need to contact water damage repair specialists since most of the issues have been caused by the leak. They know how water specifically affects materials and how they can restore them to their former condition. Alternatively, they can replace irreparably damaged items with new and improved counterparts.
A leaky sink can range from a minor nuisance to a serious flooding situation. If you see one, take the necessary steps to stop it and prevent damage to your Chandler, AZ, home.